Use cutting-edge technologies

Taxtelecom has been developing industry-specific software since 2003.

Business automation

Working with the Maxim service, we've analyzed the market with an aim to simplify the taxi ordering process for users and make work easy and appealing for drivers. We've automated business management for you. Driver monitoring is clearer. Rate configuration is more convenient.

Benefit from our experience

We know from experience that developing industry-specific software is a long, complex, and expensive process, and we understand the market's needs. Since 2012, we've been providing independent taxi services with our ready-made software solutions for organizing and managing business. This lets our clients launch state-of-the-art operations with minimum expenses.

As of 2020, we have more than 500 partners in 10 countries. They include both large companies and local taxi services.

Taxtelecom's cloud-based software lets you work anywhere in the world using any device. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Hundreds of IT specialists

There are hundreds of IT specialists in our company involved in software development, cartography, and technical support. We've created our own telephony provider to make calls less expensive and to ensure a stable connection. Our professional call center operators receive orders and requests from our clients round the clock. Our in-house IT infrastructure and power generation ensure that all of the software components work smoothly.

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